Sexy ladies can't disguise embarrassing Kinect demo fail

As plans go, it probably sounded pretty watertight. Hire two gorgeous models. Put them on stage in front of the press. Get them to show off the controller-free awesomeness of Kinect. Retire to the nearest drinking establishment for beers and good times. What could possibly go wrong?

Oh dear.

I have no idea where this footage is taken from, but I'm not going to concern myself with such trivialities when something's as full as fail as this. The first clip shows Kinect Sports getting off to a slow start. Then stopping completely. Then starting again. It’s a mess.

Despite the disturbing lack of hand-clapping synchronicity, the Dance Central demo is actually going pretty well... until it nosedives with a wet farting sound straight into disaster town.

To be fair, the vivid picture of epic fail painted here probably isn't entirely down to Kinect. All the flashy lights could easily have been upsetting the technology, for example. And the models are performing an incompetent interpretation of running that Kinect might not be able to compute. We should consider these things.

Unfortunately for Microsoft, less understanding viewers will ignore the complexities of demonstrating a high-tech piece of kit in such a challenging environment and arrive at the conclusion that Kinect looks like it's going to be a bit rubbish.

First spotted on: MSXBOX-WORLD (opens in new tab)

July 30, 2010

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