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Seven Day Geek: Batman, Iron Man 3, X-Men Days Of Future Past, Godzilla, Star Wars

A week is a very long time in the geekverse, with so many talking points it'd be hard for even a superhero (Superman / Matter Eating Lad, take your pick) to keep up.

So, we've gathered all the week's biggest geek news in one place, so that those aforementioned pilots can get on with the very serious business of being indestructible / eating stuff.

We'd love to hear what you think of the below universe-shattering events, so comment your thoughts below, and we'll see you next week!

Without further ado, let's get started. But first - what do you think of cars, Superman?

Fair enough!

The Big Event

Peter Dinklage has signed on to X-Men: Days Of Future Past .

As keen Game Of Thrones geeks, this makes us very happy indeed.

No announcements have been made as to who Dinklage will be playing, but we desperately hope it's Puck, because that would mean that Singer is planning on introducing Alpha Flight (by far the greatest Canadian super-team, well, aside from Broken Social Scene maybe) to the X-cinematic universe.

If there's room in your local Odeon for the Guardians Of The Galaxy, there's space for Alpha Flight.

Good Week To Be...

Charlie Brooker. Not only did the new series of Black Mirror start this week, but Robert Downey Jr aquired the rights for a movie version of one of last series' best episodes .

Maybe life's not so bad after all, eh Charlie?

Most Intriguing Story

Marc Webb has been Tweeting some extremely mysterious images from the set of Amazing Spider-Man 2 , with this the most puzzling of them all.

We assumed it meant Venom is on his way back to the big screen (in Ultimate Spider-Man, the Venom serum was discovered in a very similar lock-up), but others have taken it to be a Green Goblin reference (check the number on the locker, then cross-reference it with the issue of Spider-Man in which Gobby made his first appearance. Clever, huh?)

Either way, it's great viral marketing.

Marvel Round-Up

Bryan Singer has been doing all sorts of hinting this week. Firstly, Singer hinted that Storm will make an appearance in X-Men Days Of Future Past.

Then, he got to hinting that the giant metal mutant hunters we lovingly call the Sentinels will be flying into the frame.

We look forward to his next nudging spree.

In more rumor news, Hayley Atwell looks set to return for a cameo in Captain America: The Winter Soldier .

But it hasn't all been winks and whispers from Marvel this week, we got a new poster for Iron Man 3 , and more official details on Guardians Of The Galaxy .

DC Round-Up

DC-wise, we spoke exclusively with Superman Returns director Bryan Singer (him again) about his thoughts on Man Of Steel .

Also this week, we discovered that Warner Brothers wanted Ben Affleck to play Batman in Justice League .

Which, as anyone who has seen Daredevil with attest, is probably a bad idea.

Speaking of bad ideas, we were sad to hear that the Justice League movie is having some extreme script difficulties.

But we were especially astonished to find out that we might not get a new Batman movie until 2020.

This. Can. Not. Happen. Seriously, we'll make one ourselves if we have to.

We've already started work on some early concept art (see above)

Delightful Discovery Of The Week

It's Chewbacca. Riding a squirrel. Fighting Nazis.

Not sure there's anything more we need to say here.

Bad News Of The Week

Mark Millar's been criticising Warner Brothers' Justice League plans , going as far as to claim that the team won't work on the big screen full stop.

He makes some decent points - they are difficult characters to get right - but we can't help but feel Millar's being a little bit unfair.

You could describe any comic-book character in those terms, and they'd sound ridiculous.

"So, he's a little kid who has no powers, and his outfit is scuba gear? What's he called, scuba-boy?"

"So, this rodent man, the guy with no powers, who's his main enemy? A clown who also has no powers? This is the worst idea anyone has ever had."

"Okay, so, last chance. The God Of Thunder, very nice. I like it. Wait, he needs help from an ordinary bloke with a bow an arrow? And a women who can fight with a chair? Get out of my office."

Good News Of The Week

According to Elizabeth Olsen, the Godzilla reboot will be darker than a giant lizard obscuring the sun.

Which is exactly how we like our Godzilla movies.

Special Bonus Treat

Here's Alison Brie as Captain America. Just because for reasons.

If you like this sort of thing, then we heartily recommend's weekly viral / meme round-up . It's ace.

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