Serious Sam 3: BFE trailer isn't joking around

At GR, we know your trailer-watching time is valuable. We also understand you're going to want toknow what happens in this eye-plucking, sledge-hammering, horde pwning Serious Sam 3: BFEtrailer. This in mind, please accept this handy reference chart to expedite your pre-E3 media consumption:

00:07: Mental's ships hover ominously over earth
00:12: Mental's army marches in rhythmic fashion while Antaresianspiders scurry in the background
00:26: ...wait....aww hells no!
00:28: Shit just got serious!
00:34: For the love of all that is holy, run!!

On second thought, you're better off just watching it yourself:

Revealed back in February, Serious Sam 3: BFEis once again being handled byCroteam,the Croatian developer who has been dedicated to the Serious Sam series since the first game in 2001. It will star the seriously armed protagonist (Sam), and many returning enemies including Gnaars, Headless Kamikazes, Sirian Werebulls and other n'er do wells under the employ of the big bad Mental. Seeing as the tag line reads "No Cover. All Man", we're guessing the sequel with favor frenetic violence over tactical encounters. And hey, there's nothing wrong with that.

"Serious Sam 3 is about pure fun and unfiltered action," said Davor Hunski, chief creative officer at Croteam, inan earlier interview. "We wanted to expand on everything gamers love about the series while adding some genuinely unique new features to really enhance the mayhem Serious Sam is known for."

He also revealed Serious Sam 3: BFEis slated to arrive this summer for PCs first, explaining in achat with IGNthat, %26ldquo;We decided to concentrate on shipping a good game for the PC first, then catch up with the consoles afterwards. Not to say we put consoles completely aside. Xbox 360 versions of Serious Sam 3, e.g., are automatically built every day. But the bulk of the work involved with pushing it through the bureaucracy needed to actually ship it might add months to the release date. And the players are waiting...%26rdquo;

Impatient (and well connected) players can catch a peak of the new Sam next week at E3.

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