Serious Sam 3: BFE Helpline clips are seriously silly

Developer Croteam has taken a different route with its series of “Helpline” clips for Serious Sam 3: BFE. Contemporary trailers usually wrap a big meaty arm around the player, explaining why they can't live without the game, but Serious Sam is indie and old-school. And in the olden days, being indie meant that you could openly bitch about your competitors while subtly suggesting that your own audience was made up of crazy mouth-breathers. Unfazed by the passage of time, Croteam still does all this. But not without providing a good many reasons why BFE is a game you ought preorder right now.

Serious Sam: BFE is a month from release, and available now for preorder on Steam – as you're no doubt aware of from the clips. As you're now also aware, the game's got a non-regenerating health bar, a big ol' inventory of weapons, and a button that shoots them – without any of newfangled duck-and-covering. Get three friends around for four-player splitscreen, punch them in the shoulder for looking at each others' screens until you're all functionally armless, and celebrate the game's return to a simpler time. Just don't count on calling Croteam if you get stuck.

Sep 13, 2011