Serious Sam 2 Cheats

Serious Sam 2 Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Kommerat

    Play As Enemy Models In Tutorial

    It's about time I got around to making this.

    (any setting locations are as they are in Windows XP, and may be different for other operating systems)
    Anyways, first, you have to make sure that your computer shows each file's extension (.exe, .txt, etc.) (If your computer already shows file extensions, you can skip this step). In any folder, click on "Tools/'Folder Options...'" in the toolbar. In the new window, select the "View" tab, under "Advanced settings", scroll down until you find "Hide extensions for known file types", and uncheck it (if it's not already).

    Now, you can create a .nfo file for a model. .nfo files follow this format:

    MODEL="[Model Filepath]"
    THUMBNAIL="[Thumbnail Filepath]"
    DESCRIPTION=[Description]First, make a blank text file in (from your main Serious Sam 2 folder) 'Content\SeriousSam 2\Models\Player' (if you don't have this path, create it). You can name it now, or later, it doesn't matter as long as it gets a .nfo extension at some point. If you add the extension now, you'll have to right click it and select "Open With", and open it with a text editor (such as Notepad). Now, copy the "code" above, and you can fill it in. And if you don't know what to put in for some of them...
    Name: Simple enough.
    Model: Those of you who are inexperienced with SEd2 may have trouble with this step. You have to search for the filepath in SEd2. Or, if other players have used enemy models in a game you've been in, most likely they've left errors in your console, which include filepaths. You can look through your All.log file to find them.
    Thumbnail: This isn't really required. But if you want at least something for it, you can use "Content/SeriousSam2/Textures/Interface/Hud/adrenaline.tex"
    Description: Unneeded as far as I know. The next file you'll create will cover this.
    As well, in the InSamnity! 2 mod, Dk added a new option for .nfo files:

    MODEL_STRETCH="[Number]"It adjusts the model stretch for the model. For those who don't know, a value of 1 means no stretch.

    Ok, now for a .dsc file. Yet again, create a new text file in the Player folder, and rename it now or later, making sure the filename will be the same as the .nfo file you made (just with a .dsc extension). Now, this file is very simple. It's just a description for the player list. You can leave it blank if you want.

    Now, if you've put in everything correctly, the model should be playable in SS2.

    Some notes:
    -This isn't limited to only enemy models, you can play as certain objects and NPCs as well. To check if an object is playable, you'll have to have to check the model's collision with "code mode" (Press Shift+Ctrl+Alt+c) in SEd2. It has to have a mechanism named "Default" in order for it to be playable.
    -As an object, you can't move. if you're a prop object, you can slide around, but you can't use the movement keys to move yourself
    -Trying to mount a vehicle as an object will most likely result in a game crash
    -Your weapons will appear at your feet in third person if you swap weapons after changing to a "non-player model".
    -Some non-player models may fall through the ground when you swap to them (like roller balls)
    -Other players will still see your name if they aim at you
    -You can expect other players will shoot at you if you're playing as an enemy model

  • PC | Submitted by Kommerat

    Better Cheat menu

    in the tab next to 1 (to the left) type sam_iEnableCheats=2 then you will get a better cheat menu:)

    good luck:)

  • PC | Submitted by cheat planet

    Cheat Menu

    On the main menu, Hold left shift + F3,F4,F3,F3,F4 to unlock cheat menu, which can then be accessed by pressing F1. This enables the cheats menu, which has give all weapons, god mode, refresh health, add extra life and unlock all levels.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Enable Cheats

    Hold the right trigger and hit: White, Black, White, White, Black, White, Black, White

    This enables the cheats menu, which has give all weapons, god mode, refresh health, add extra life and unlock all levels.