Mutant Mudds 2 confirmed. Boxed version possible?

Mutant Mudds (opens in new tab) has carved out a nice little niche for itself on the 3DS' eShop, offering hardcore, retro-styled platforming gameplay with some excellent use of the 3DS' 3D screen. So it's good to hear Renegade Kid's co-founder Jools Watsham announce via Twitter (opens in new tab) that Mutant Mudds 2 is in development, heading to the 3DS eShop soon.

However, his tweetings didn't stop there, as Watsham polled his followers to gauge interest for a boxed version of the game, asking whether people would buy a physical cartridge version combining Mutant Mudds 1 and 2. The answer was 'yes', by a decent margin:

That doesn't mean it will happen, but at least shows it's being considered. The first game has been digital-only so far, having been released on 3DS then ported to PC and iOS.

It is also heading to Wii U in the first quarter of this year in the shape of Mutant Mudds Deluxe, offering new content exclusive to Nintendo's new console. This new content will not be made available to 3DS owners as DLC for Mutant Mudds, despite that title already having received free, ultra-challenging DLC in the shape of extra levels for Granny.

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