Sega announces Thor on all platforms

As any Marvel nerd worth his salt might%26rsquo;ve expected, Sega just announced that Thor is coming to Ps3, 360, PSP, DS and Wii this summer. That shouldn%26rsquo;t surprise gamers in the know either, as Sega%26rsquo;s the exclusive purveyor of Marvel products based films that aren%26rsquo;t related to X-Men and Spider-man (That%26rsquo;s Activision, silly.) That said, with thestank still fresh on the Iron Man 2 videogame, Thor%26rsquo;s given us at least one reason to get excited. Quoth the press release:

Huzzah! That means Thor at least won%26rsquo;t follow the tired formula of button-mashing against six-hours worth of palette swapped robots, elevating it beyond the typicalsuperhero movie titleshellbent on aT for Teen rating. We%26rsquo;re looking at mythical battles against 12 ton colossi with Thor%26rsquo;s trusty beat-stick, Mj%26ouml;lnir. The PS3/360 version will focus on third-person melee combat, whereas the Wii iteration will utilize the Wiimote/Nunchuk to dole out Thor%26rsquo;s elemental powers and the DS will take the form of a 2D sidescroller.

Above: This is Thor's first solo outing, so remove any thought of that 1988 ZX Spectrum title

We%26rsquo;d expect the events of the game to overlap at least a little with the events of the upcoming film,however, Matt Fraction, Eisner Award-winning auTHORity on the comics, will also serve as Story consultant on the games. When will we see more info? There%26rsquo;s probably no better time than later this week, when we%26rsquo;ll be it doen at Comic-Con%26hellip; just sayin%26rsquo; Sega!

Jul 21, 2010