Sega Alien project revealed

In the summer of next year, Sega will release a brand new version of its classic space shooter Alien Syndrome for the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation Portable, the developer-cum-publisher has revealed today.

As Earth Command Trooper Aileen Harding - or just Aileen to her friends - Alien Syndrome hurls you into a action-orientated, RPG-lite universe of derelict spaceships and weird alien worlds, with a host of weaponry and upgrades scattered liberally around to assist you in your quest to blast and bash a hostile horde of alien beasties.

Alien Syndrome on Wii uses the motion-sensing controllers for combat in a similar way as Zelda - you'll be wafting the Wii-mote to hack up aliens, for example - as well as tinkering with items and hacking into computers. While PSP will feature Wi-Fi co-op multiplayer for up to four space cadets to pummel their way through the extraterrestrial resistance in several different modes.

Alien Syndrome was a classic late 80's space shooter that spawned across more than 10 formats, including Game Gear, Master System, and NES, as well as hitting PS2 in Japan as Vol. 14 of Sega's Ages 2500 series. And, no, it has nothing whatsoever to do with the recent announcement that Sega will be making gamesinspired by the Alien film franchise.So no confusion there then...

December 12, 2006

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