Seed Of Chucky review

There's no keeping a demonic doll down. After reviving the ailing franchise in the deliriously camp Bride Of Chucky, writer Don Mancini takes the reigns for the fifth Child's Play outing. Ditching coherence in favour of complete and utter insanity, this sees Jennifer Tilly gamely parodying herself as a brunette bimbo movie star whose latest flick Chucky Goes Psycho is interrupted when the Chucky and Tiffany dolls come back to life again. They're joined by their gender-confused offspring "Shitface" (voiced by Billy Boyd), who's uncertain whether he's Glen or Glenda, Barbie or Ken.

The jokes come thick and fast as Tilly badmouths Julia Roberts (""I should have played Erin Brockovich. I could have done it without the Wonderbra"") then suffers the indignity of being impregnated by Chucky's seed after he beats off to a copy of Fangoria magazine. It's terrible trash, yet it's not without a certain charmless charm.

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