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See Watch Dogs 2 myths tested in this new video (lab coats are optional)

Rumours have been circulating about precisely what outlandish feats possible in Watch Dogs 2 (opens in new tab), so for those of you who would prefer to let others don lab coats and separate fact from fiction, DefendTheHouse have made a handy video detailing which rumours are genuine, and which are myths. 

Now you can find out if water stops fall damage, whether the jumper can jump off Marcus or the quadcopter, and if you can stack scissor lifts. Give the video a watch to find out what reality-bending feats are possible in Watch Dogs 2, but remember: just because it’s possible in-game, doesn’t mean you could do it in real life (so don’t assume jumping into water will prevent any damage, because in the real world it does exactly the opposite). 

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