See how the next Doom update will help you build your personal Hell

It's going to be pretty tough for Doom to top its first update, which added the all-important option to keep your guns locked in the center of the screen just like back in 1993. Update 2 won't have quite the same pop of retro authenticity when it arrives on Friday, but it will have plenty of fresh additions to both the multiplayer and SnapMap modes.

Those new Hell modules should open up the rune-engraved portal for all kinds of cretinous creations from the player community. Just imagine what you could start growing in Harvest DOOM: Nightmare Edition! Update 2 will also let players use the weapon wheel in SnapMap missions, which should make for much more flexible player-made arenas going forward. The update also adds two multiplayer modes, Exodus and Sector.

The game's first paid multiplayer expansion, titled Unto the Evil, will arrive next week with three new maps, a new gun, and even a new demon called the Harvester, among other perks. You can play all the new maps as long as you're partied up with someone who owns the expansion if you want to try before you buy.

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