See Hallows' Eve use her masks to become a spooky Captain America

Art from Hallows’ Eve: The Big Night #1
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

A new Hallows Eve' one-shot will see Janine Godbe and her magical masks forced to step up and be a hero, against all her worst instincts. And by the looks of the preview pages below, the sometimes-villainous character will be using those masks to take on a familiar form: Captain America!

The issue, released just in time for Halloween, is written by Erica Schultz, with art by Michael Dowling - the same creative team as the character's solo series. 

Marvel's official synopsis for the new book reads:

"It's October 31st at E.S.U. so you know what that means: A Halloween party won't go as planned and a bunch of powerless kids will be in a lot of trouble! Hallows' Eve was once powerless and was once a victim. Now she's anything but. Her magical masks give her the ability to help - but Eve isn't a hero, is she?"

The character of Hallows' Eve was introduced in Amazing Spider-Man #14 last year and gained a solo book earlier in 2023. Her alter ego has a much longer history, however, having been created in 1995 by J.M. DeMatteis and John Romita Jr. as a love interest for Peter Parker's genetic clone, Ben Reilly. 

Godbe has a tragic backstory. Born Elizabeth Tyne, she was the victim of abuse at the hands of her father, who she eventually murdered. She changed her name and went on the run, crossing paths with Reilly, falling in love and eventually fessing up to her crimes. 

She served time for many years, but a series of events led to her taking on the persona of Hallows' Eve - and enabling her to use magic to create masks imbued with different powers. Although not entirely evil, she has battled Spider-Man alongside Reilly, who now goes under the name Chasm, because love can never run smoothly in comics.

Hallows' Eve: The Big Night #1 is published by Marvel Comics on October 25.

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