Secrets of the Pokemasters

Running low on cash? Looking for some extra strength boosts for your pokemon? Wondering how to find some of Sinnoh's more elusive critters? We're here to help. We've written up some hot tips on how to use several aspects of Diamond andPearl to your advantage, including several secrets buried within the games' new features. With these words at your side, you'll have a major advantage in your quest to become the greatest pokemon trainer Sinnoh's ever seen.

We realize that our readers have varying levels of poke-expertise, so we've broken our advice up into beginner, intermediate, and advanced sections. The beginner section is primarily for folks who are new to the ways of training, while the lengthy intermediate section is meant for those who already have Pokemon experience. Finally, the Advanced section is for the devout players who are willing to spend hours crunching numbers and grinding levels to make their pokes the best they can possibly be.