Sea of Thieves players are making their own version of The Amazing Race

Sea of Thieves
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The Sea of Thieves community has created its own version of classic reality TV show The Amazing Race.

Race of Legends is a player-created community event that pits crews of players against each other to traverse the Sea of Thieves, racing from island to island and completing objectives while fighting off their opponents. Blunderbusses and cannonballs aside, it's a format reminiscent of the reality show which tasks teams with making their way across the world as fast as they can.

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The event's sixth season began this weekend, tasking teams of three with weaving their way across the sea, with a different challenge to complete at each checkpoint. At Mutineer Rock, for example, one player will have to weave their ships' lifeboat through the reef while under fire from the opposition cannons, moored nearby. Later on, they'll need to climb Ancient Spire - dueling their enemies all the way - to hoist a flag before carrying on. The first team to return to the starting point and light the beacon will claim the title.

Speaking to Polygon, event organizer Dread Pirate Doug revealed that the team behind Race of Legends used to spend hours collecting the ships they'd need to compete. Now, developer Rare gives them access to a private server that makes it easier to get themselves ready to race. There's no way for Rare to help with the broadcast, however, and the games' third-person perspective is provided by human cameras racing ahead of the teams to provide footage for Twitch.

Season 6 is currently underway, and will feature a performance from The Longest Johns, the band best known for viral TikTok sensation The Wellerman, and who once took to Sea of Thieves to bring their shanties to the players.

Here's where to find the Sea of Thieves Captain's Key.

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