Scott reunites with Dude director

His mug only appeared on the big screen in 2005 via The Dukes Of Hazzard remake but this year, chief slacker Seann William Scott has got a rack of flicks on the go.

The gag-slinger has already completed work on Richard Kelly’s weird-out comedy/musical/sci-fi Southland Tales and Craig Gillespie’s coming-home comedy Mr Woodcock.

Now he’s set to re-team with Danny Leiner - who helmed the star’s 2000 teen comedy Dude, Where’s My Car? – for Gary The Tennis Coach. Scott has snagged the title role, which will see him feature as an OTT janitor who begins to teach tennis to a gang of dropouts.

You probably won’t be surprised to discover that somewhere along the line both kids and mentor turn out to be pretty darn good and end up at the Nebraska State Championship… jeez, never saw that one coming.

Gary The Tennis Coach is slated to begin shooting this summer.

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