Science Uncovered is on sale now!

Science fiction lovers, meet science fact. Our newest sister magazine is here, dedicated to exploring the world around us

The very first issue of SFX 's sister magazine Science Uncovered has gone on sale. It's packed with in-depth coverage of the latest scientific news and discoveries. The science is brought to life by leading experts and presenters including Professor Mark Miodownik and Dr Helen Czerski, both presenters on Dara O Briain's Science Club on BBC Two.

Inhabited worlds
In this first issue, renowned astronomy writer Dr Stuart Clark reveals the five planets outside our solar system most likely to host life as well as a few planets even closer to home - within our solar system - that may be home to our alien neighbours. He also speaks to Dr Sara Seager, one of the world's leading exoplanet hunters about the technology and the techniques that will enable us to finally pinpoint which planets are occupied.

The science of Doctor Who
SFX 's very own deputy editor Richard Edwards reveals how the good doctor's plotlines may not be as far askew as you might imagine. Could you ever interact with your future self? Could you build a TARDIS-like room that appears much bigger on the inside than the outside? Could a human body really regenerate into a different form? And could you build a Cyberman - with a human brain inside a robot?

Nanotech life extension
We're used to hearing how nanotechnology - tiny devices created at the scale of the atom and molecule - is going to transform everything from our smartphones to building materials. But it could have an even more direct impact on our lives - extending them for tens or even - say some scientists - hundreds of years. Science Uncovered takes a look at the tiny machines that will one day be roaming our bodies, killing off disease and supercharging our physiology. But would you want to be able to live for hundreds of years?

Dinosaur resurrection
Could the film Jurassic Park be about to become a reality? Well, dinosaur DNA has been discovered - albeit in a pretty broken down form. So does this mean we could actually bring one of these lumbering beasts back to life? Science Uncovered looks at how it would be done and whether it's really likely to happen.

Sun's flipping poles
What happens when the Sun's magnetic poles flip? NASA says this dramatic event will happen over the next few weeks and Mark Thompson, a familiar face to anyone whose watched Stargazing Live on the BBC, looks at the science of what goes on inside the Sun and what it means for us here on planet Earth.

Global warming is melting glaciers and ice sheets, and as they melt it's revealing long-lost archaeological treasures such as clothing and hunting equipment - even an Iron Age horse. Science Uncovered reveals the incredible finds being made as the ice melts and how it's making archeology a race against time.

AND each month, Science Uncovered 's panel of scientists will answer readers questions. In the first issue - could we harness lightning to power our homes? What does space smell like? Why do an aircraft's wings wobble and could a spacecraft fly through a gas giant planet?

All this and much more in the first issue of Science Uncovered available in all good newsagents now. Find out more at and follow us on Twitter @sciuncovered

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