Sci-Fi Movie Picture Puzzle

iPhone quiz app Say What You See has released a sci-fi movie-themed canvas

Dunno about you, but we can't get enough of those visual puzzles where you have to work out what all the different parts of the picture refer to (readers with long memories might remember us printing a Doctor Who -themed picture puzzle in an SFX special) Which is why we're impressed by iPhone app Say What You See: The Collection (and we're not the only ones - Harry Potter's Tom Felton is a bit of a fan too .

Here's how it works: you download the app for free, which comes with one free 50-clue canvas to get you hooked. Then every month they release a new movie-themed canvas with 50 more picture-clues to unravel. Fiendishly clever. It's basically the same marketing policy which has worked so well with crack for decades. But with less harmful societal effects.

The theme of the latest one is sci-fi movies, and you can see a corner of the canvas above. So, for example: see that fruit running down the road? That's a loganberry. Running. What SF movie might that represent? Yep, Logan's Run (ouch!). Get the idea?

The sci-fi movies canvas costs 69p, and is available now. You can download it from the app store (or if you have an iPad, you can download a HD version ).

For more information about Say What You See, watch this trailer or visit the website .

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