Scarface: The World is Yours

Our favourite feature, though, has to be chatting with pedestrians. There are 250 conversations in total, all of which are multi-tiered. Tony's tactless come-on attempts and sweary mouth make them hilarious.

Hitting on uptight career women, berating hicks for being smelly, annoying hippies, calling random passers-by all kinds of incredibly offensive names - it's brilliant, pointless fun and adds an extra layer of ambience and realism to the city. But they serve a purpose too; they're the equivalent of GTA's hidden packages and if you finish every conversation in the game, you unlock one of the game's mountain of bonuses.

Above: The mean streets of Miami. Travel the city robbing cars, dealing in cocaine and murderising everyone. Subtle

The soundtrack is excellent too, with a selection of radio stations - metal, country and so on - hosting a vast selection of licensed tunes, including the film's original score and songs ranging from Johnny Cash to Eric B & Rakim.

This could have turned out predictable, soulless and completely devoid of any reason to play it but it bloody well won't be. Lush visuals, excellent sound design, ballsy arcade shooting bits, fun arcade driving and swears galore look like they'll make Scarface a winner.