Scarface: The World is Yours

Dealing is simple - an old contact of Tony's works at a bar (the same one where he and Manny try to pick up girls in the movie) and she's a supplier. She sorts you out with a few grams of coke, which you then dish out to street corner-dwelling weirdos and yuppies, cutting yourself a slice of the profit pie. The amount of money you sell for depends on your timing, as it's all controlled via an early Tiger Woods-style swing-o-meter.

Push enough drugs and you'll eventually earn enough cash to get your mansion back from the cops and, best of all, earn your 'exotics' catalogue. After the shootout in the opening level your gaff's in a sorry state - police tape everywhere, chalk outlines, bullet holes - which just isn't good enough for a wealthy drug lord.

Above:The likeness is perfect, andthe voice-over artistewould foolPacino's own mother

By browsing the aforementioned catalogue, Tony can spend money on decor and furniture, including his sister Gina's ashes (he killed her at the end of the film), stuffed pelicans and hundreds of other oh-so-tasteful items. You can also buy cars and boats, not to mention personnel like drivers and bodyguards. You can even haul out a massive '80s mobile phone and order your driver to bring your car to you at any time, anywhere in the city.