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Say your prayers, The Evil Within 2 wants you to meet Father Theodore

Church means lots of things to lots of people, but to the creators of horror sequel The Evil Within 2, it's just another chance to mess with your head. Meet Father Theodore, who's definitely more monster than midnight mass with Grandma. "I am Father Theodore, and I am here to purge the world of sin," he bellows. And, if his interior design aesthetic is anything to go by, he's making wrought iron sculptures and rubble the look for 2017. 

We've already had the dubious pleasure of meeting twisted war photographer turned serial killer Stefano, who had a many-headed, giggling abomination and a killer camera on legs at his disposal. Father Theodore prefers your old-school mind control, turning innocent bystanders into his slaves. Slaves with massive freaking flamethrowers, no less. "Those who oppose me are cleansed in the fires of my guiding light," he warns. "They become my acolytes, my disciples, doomed to burn forever." 

He must have a pretty major role to play in The Evil Within 2's plot, because Bethesda is being pretty coy about his character. But I'm guessing it won't involve volunteering at animal shelters or playing guitar at a charity concert. 

If you want to know how The Evil Within 2 feels to play, check out our steamy fresh preview. The game will be released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 13.

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