Meet The Evil Within 2's snap happy serial killer Stefano Valentini

The original The Evil Within made a name for itself with its horrific monster design, and now the sequel The Evil Within 2 wants you to worry about twisted humans too. Specifically the one-eyed photographer Stefano Valentini, who definitely isn't interested in snapping adorable puppies or babies dressed as bumblebees.

"I realized the beauty in destruction," he purrs, as the camera passes over what looks like a severed head. If that wasn't enough, he's got a massive knife and an unhealthy obsession with Lily, the daughter of The Evil Within's protagonist Sebastian Castellanos. It's fair to say mental health professionals would consider that combination a red flag.

Valentini - who seems more than a little inspired by Mads Mikkelsen's recent portrayal of Hannibal - was once a war photographer but, after losing his eye capturing an explosion, developed an obsession with death. So much so that he became a serial killer in order to manufacture death scenes to photograph. You can see a gallery of his "art" over on the Bethesda blog.

Combine murderous tendencies with his discovery of STEM - the dark, parallel world created by a system designed to tie together different individuals' consciousnesses and memories - and he's definitely going to be a problem in The Evil Within 2. Hopefully one you get to solve with a rocket launcher. 

The Evil Within 2 is coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on (wait for it) Friday, October 13.

Rachel Weber
Managing Editor, US

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