Say hello to Far Cry 5's Pastor Jerome, Nick and Mary

All the Far Cry 5 is happening today. First we've got the new Far Cry 5 trailer (with a breakdown if you want more info). Then there's also an in-depth look at what we've seen of the game, and finally there are these three character videos.

This new game is set in Montana and features a cult, known as Eden's Gate, as the bad guys. With a fully customisable player character this time it leaves the job of story telling and personality to the people you meet in the game. Currently that's Pastor Jerome, Mary and Nick. You'll be able to work for them, get help and supplies, and fight along side them. 

Let's say hi: 

Paster Jerome

Jerome is a priest that's lost his church to the Eden's Gate, after its promises lured his congregation away. As you can see, he's taken it... well, grabbing a bulletproof vest, stuffing a gun in his bible, and taking the word of the Lord to the cult. 


Mary's a local bar owner that, if the newspaper that appears here is true, lost her father to the cult, and nearly her bar. Rather than bow down, however, she's fighting for her business and seems to be a dab hand with molotov cocktails. 


Meet the plane guy. Nick is a local pilot with a baby on the way, and he's fighting back against the cult for his child's future. And while his father flew for the army, but he's flying for you. That's his sea plane you can see in the main trailer, and he's the one strapping mini guns on it. Not only will you be able to get planes to fly from him, you can also call him in for air support. 

If you want more then check out the new Far Cry 5 trailer (with a breakdown if you want more info) and a really in-depth look at what we've seen of the game.

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