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Save yourself $70 on this fantastic SSD drive

Save yourself $70 on this fantastic SSD drive
(Image credit: Samsung)

If you're putting together a new gaming rig for big hitters like Borderlands 3 and The Outer Worlds, an SSD should be damn near the top of you wishlist. Yes, they're not quite as sexy as the best graphics cards or fancy RGB lighting, but your average SSD drive will make just as much of an impact in the long run. Basically, they help your computer run much faster (which is a godsend when you consider the size of open-world games such as the ones above). As luck would have it, one of the best SSDs out there - the 1TB Samsung 860 EVO - has had its price slashed to $129.99. That's a saving of $70, or 35%. Meanwhile, the UK version has been reduced to £113.77. That's roughly £20 less than normal and still a bargain. Because Samsung is such a reliable brand when it comes to storage drives, you can be sure that you're getting good value for money. After all, there's a reason the 860 EVO appears on so many 'best of' lists.

Essential Info

(Image credit: Samsung)

An SSD is a 'Solid State Drive'. Unlike a standard hard drive, it's got no moving parts. This helps it write, transfer, and load data far faster.

Read speed: Up to 550 MB/s
Write speed: Up to 520 MB/s

For those who aren't familiar with the humble SSD, they're designed to speed up your PC. No matter whether you're booting up or loading games, an SSD drive makes things far quicker. As our sister-site PC Gamer mentions in their guide to SSDs, an SSD is "one of the most cost-effective ways to quickly increase the overall speed of your rig. If you're still relying on old 'spinning-platter' HDDs to write and store your data, you're putting an unnecessary cap on your gaming PC's overall performance". It really can make a difference. And trust us, you won't want to go back.

Best SSD deal today

1TB Samsung 860 EVO | $129.99 on Amazon (save $70)
This is a workhorse that's been at the top of many 'best SSD' lists for years. It's reliable, quick, and affordable.View Deal

1TB Samsung 860 EVO | £113.77 on Amazon UK (save over £20)
If you're on the UK side of the Atlantic, this offer gets you a great SSD at a lower price than you'd normally see.View Deal

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