Save up to £300 on a top quality HP gaming laptop with these Prime Day deals

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If you're hunting for the best Amazon Prime Day laptop deals, look no further than these two beastly machines from HP. Gaming laptop deals are often few and far between outside of events like Prime Day and Black Friday, and HP has joined in the fun today with two gaming laptops at different price points.

First up is the HP Pavilion 15, which has sunk to an impressive £999.99. We rarely see really capable gaming laptops go below the four-figure mark, even during such times as the in Amazon Prime Day deals, so this is certainly one to look at if you're on a budget. It comes with the 1660Ti powering the graphics, which is a great all-rounder of a card, especially considering this isn't in HP's dedicated gaming "Omen" range. You'll be able to run pretty much any game you want on this cheeky underdog, which is also due to the 10th gen Intel CPU and 512GB SSD that are packed inside. You've also got 8GB RAM to work with, but if you want more, you can easily just unscrew a panel and insert another stick to double that.

If you've got a few more pennies to work with and you're looking for a big dog gaming laptop, look no further than the HP Omen 17. With an RRP of £1700, you can save £300 on this monster to get it for a decent £1,399.99. This beast rocks an RTX 2070 graphics card and 16GB of RAM, and you'll struggle to find many better deals than this because the HP Omen 17 will be able to run anything you throw at it with a smooth framerate and crisp visuals. While you can drop more on a gaming laptop, this is absolutely fantastic value for money.

HP Pavilion 15 gaming laptop | £1,150 £999.99 at Amazon UK

HP Pavilion 15 gaming laptop | £1,150 £999.99 at Amazon UK
This is a great price for a 1660Ti powered laptop. For proper gaming laptops, we rarely see anything more powerful go under the four-figure mark so this marks good value. It's also from a trusted manufacturer, has a 10th-gen Intel processor, and a 512GB SSD.

HP Omen 17 gaming laptop | £1,700 £1,399.99 at Amazon UK

HP Omen 17 gaming laptop | £1,700 £1,399.99 at Amazon UK
If you've had your eye on a big gaming laptop, then this might be for you. Powered by a new 10th-gen Intel processor, 16GB of RAM, an RTX 2070 graphics card this will future proof you for a good while and provide a great gaming experience for the money - 300 quid off!

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