Save The Green Planet! review

Despite being a resounding flop back home, this demented Korean genre-blender has whipped up a frenzy among fans of Asian cinema, who've been left dumbstruck by its insane energy.

Convinced that evil aliens from Andromeda have invaded the Earth in human form, social misfit Byung-Gu (Shin Ha-kyun) decides to kidnap their chief representative - who just happens to be the corrupt CEO of a Korean chemical company. As the police investigate, Byung-Gu tortures the poor executive with antihistamines, a high-voltage electric current and, er, a foot-long dildo. Anything to discover the invaders' plans...

Although it's far too unhinged to work either as a thriller or a sci-fi movie, Jeong Jun-hwan's pitch-black comedy makes a virtue of its delirious silliness. The film eventually loses sight of its subtle social message, but with an ending that involves crucifixion, circus trapeze artists and a close encounter of the weirdest kind, who's complaining?

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