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Save over 75% on the bold, new-look Official Xbox magazine

Hello! Matthew here, editor of Official Xbox Magazine. As any Xbox One owner knows, Microsoft's latest console rarely stands still – the last two years have seen it add Windows 10 magic, backwards compatibility and a series of rolling changes to make life easier. So I thought it was about time the Official Xbox Magazine followed in its footsteps and updated to better represent its subject matter. I locked my brilliant team in an underground bunker for five months and forced them to devise their dream Xbox magazine. This is the result.

At the heart of the new look OXM is the idea that games are at their most interesting when they're finally in your hands. Yes, we've still got the best access to the biggest upcoming games – Doom, Gears 4, Lego Star Wars and Killer Instinct are just some of the blockbusters in our new issue - but we're also making more of games when they finally arrive. Our new Insider section digs into titles with help from the brilliant minds that make them. Over in Extra, our writers revisit and reappraise, exposing hidden gems you never knew about, or finding hidden value in great games you did.

On top of this, we have all the great stuff you expect from OXM. As the official magazine we get the best access to the biggest names – this month, Phil Spencer and the head honchos of his team give us a glimpse of Xbox's startling future, Dan Greenawalt explains how PC technology will make console Forza even better and the creators of Hitman tell us why their upcoming Marrakesh level is their most ambitious yet. And this is but a taster of what to expect in our huge relaunch issue. The world of Xbox has never been more exciting – why not let OXM be your guide?

And if not for that, read it for the sake of the team. They don't get to leave the bunker unless you love it. Why don't you try a digital sample here (opens in new tab).

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Matthew Castle is the former editor of Official Nintendo Magazine and Official Xbox Magazine. He was also part of the team on the Nintendo Gamer magazine back in the day. Since then, he's worked at Rock, Paper, Shotgun as part of their video team, as well as for the official Xbox On YouTube channel. Nowadays, he's a freelance games critic and consultant, and one half of the Back Page podcast.