Save $250 on Samsung's Galaxy Note 20 Ultra right now

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Samsung's recently announced Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is an absolute beast of a smartphone – it might perhaps even be fair to call it a "phablet" – with a giant edge-to-edge display, powerful internals, loads of storage, Android 10, and everything else. As with any top-tier handset, the Note 20 Ultra also comes with a steep price tag, made a little less steep by this deal at Best Buy.

As we mentioned briefly, the highlight of the Note 20 Ultra is the 6.9-inch display, dominating the entire front of the phone, which is incredibly crisp and beautiful, with deep blacks and vibrant colors. Qualcomm's snappy Snapdragon 865+ chip and 12GB of RAM do the heavy lifting performance-wise, meaning no app, video, or whatever will slow this phone down. The stylus (or S-Pen if you must) is now more responsive than ever and is excellent for taking notes, using as a shutter button on the camera, and more.

Android 10 forms the backbone of the Note 20 experience, overlaid with Samsung's One UI, offering a bunch of helpful extra features and widgets, while giving you access to the Play Store and everything else Google has to offer.

On the back of the phone, there's a triple camera array, with a 108MP lens alongside two 12MP lenses for incredibly clear and beautiful shots, no matter the light conditions. If you're interested in always managing to get the perfect photo or video, this could well be the phone for you. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G (128GB) | Five colours | Unlocked | $1,299.99  $1,049.99 from Best Buy

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G (128GB) | Five colours | Unlocked | $1,299.99  $1,049.99 from Best Buy
If you're not sold on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra after all that, we're not sure what to say: gigantic screen, incredibly long-lasting and fast internals, oodles of storage, Android 10, incredible camera systems, and loads besides. And it's $250 off right now. You can opt to get it unlocked or with one of the usual big-name carriers at this lowest ever price.

So, if you're an existing Samsung (or Android) user looking to upgrade, or this is your first foray into the non-iPhone world, Samsung has an incredible deal on offer here: $250 off their top-tier Galaxy smartphone-slash-tablet. Don't miss out.

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