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Samuel L Jackson Rocks The Cradle

It’s a double dose of Samuel L Jackson in tonight’s news, and who doesn’t love an extra helping of Sam?

Two films – one he’s already signed up for and one that’s just locked – are featuring the Jack man, so we felt it only fair to smash them together into a combined Jack-o-rama. And that’s enough with the cheesy gags.

He’s going to be playing a male nanny – a Manny, if you will – in The Man That Rocks The Cradle, a New Line comedy that will see an overworked husband and father hiring kid-whisperer Marion Delacroix (Jackson) to manage his unruly brood.

There’s no director attached yet, but there is a script in place from Josh Cagan.

Meanwhile one of Jackson’s other incoming movies has just nabbed a director in the form of Malcolm (cousin of Spike) Lee. The Roll Bounce helmer will step behind the camera for Soul Men, a road trip comedy that finds Jackson and Bernie Mac as former backup soul singers who fell out 20 years ago but must travel together to reach a tribute to their more famous ex-band-leader.

Lee will start shooting in January.