Sam Worthington talks Wrath Of The Titans

Last month gave us a first look at the spectacular trailer for swords and sandals sequel Wrath Of The Titans , and now newly-mulleted star Sam Worthington is doing his bit to build hype for the upcoming blockbuster.

“I saw [ the film ] the other day and I love it," Worthington told "I think it did exactly what I wanted. There were things about the first one that I felt that I, personally, could improve myself on and work a bit harder on.”

One of those things was presumably the depth of the human relationships on display, an aspect of the plot Worthington claims has been remedied for the sequel.

“Even though we've got big-ass monsters and it's set in a Greek mythological world and it's a fucking huge blockbuster,” he explains, “it's about a father and a son.”

And speaking of sequels, there’s another rather significant one hovering on Worthington’s radar in the shape of Avatar 2

“I'm talking to Jim [ Cameron ] next week," reveals Worthington with regards to the prospective sequel. "I'm going to visit him and we're going to see what's going on.” Wrath Of The Titans opens in the UK on 30 March 2012.

George Wales

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