Sam Jackson joins Inglourious Basterds

The last pieces of Inglourious Basterds have finally been locked into place, with strong rumours suggesting Sam Jackson has jumped on board the project.

The Playlist has learned from “good authority” that the frequent Tarantino collaborator has been tapped to play the film’s narrator.

Sounds like a small part to us, but any role that puts Jackson with Quentin again can only be a good thing.

Maggie Cheung also signs

More bizarrely is the casting of Maggie Cheung (Hero, 2046) as Madame Mimeux, the French matron of the cinema that plays a pivotal role in the movie.

In case you were wondering, Maggie Cheung is Chinese. She was born in Hong Kong. She looks Chinese too. Here is a picture of her:

Apparently the role will be altered slightly, so she'll play a Chinese woman who lives in France during World War 2. Hmm.

Is this a case of an actress horribly miscast or just another part of the crazy Tarantino universe? You decide…

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