Saints Row: The Third Warrior Pack trailer suits up for Steelport mischief

Zany costumes make up a large part of the Saints Row: The Third experience, and this week Volition cranked the crazy with the release of a new Warrior Outfit pack featuring a knight, princess, space ranger, and Kabuki fighter.

The pack is available now in the Xbox Live Marketplace, and coming to the PlayStation Network on December 21 in Europe, and December 27 in North America. It features four “combat ready” outfits including the Knight of Steelport, Warrior Princess, Intergalactic Warrior, and Kabuki Warrior; each of which offer a new level of insanity to the streets of Steelport.

See the newest additions to Steelport's fashion scene in the official launch trailer:

The Warrior Pack is available on XBLA for 240 Microsoft Points, or $3 real money.

Saints Row: The Third released on November 15, and promptly earned a perfect score from GR's reviewers. More importantly, as of two weeks ago it had recorded-breaking instances of virtual dildo beatings. Beat that, Skyrim.

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