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Saints Row 4 GAT V DLC free on PC for today only

GTA 5 may still not have a PC version announced, let alone released, but you can get GAT V for free on PC.

It's basically the same thing--just a Johnny Gat-themed costume and weapon pack for Saints Row 4 instead of the next Grand Theft Auto game--and it's available gratis on Steam for one day only.

The misspelled search result waiting to happen includes a Gat costume, .50 cal rifle, and a combat knife launcher (with real sticking knives and bleed damage!) It even includes a bonus Aisha outfit, so you and a co-op buddy can play dress-up as the late R&B star and her sociopathic boo.

GAT V is also available on PS3 and Xbox 360, but you'll have to pay $3 for it there. Still, that's $57 less than that other thing that came out today, right?

Connor Sheridan
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