Sacred 2: Fallen Angel - exclusive screens and video

The original Sacred (PC Gamer's RPG of the year in 2004) showed us that the joy of left-clicking for loot didn't die with Diablo II and we're excited to see a sultry Seraphim return to dispatch her own brand of heavenly justice in Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. Do yourself a favor and click on the Movies tab above to see our exclusive 'First look' trailer of the scantily clad warrior in action as she delivers an angelic ass-kicking to all non-believers.

Obviously, the Seraphim is a heaven-powered warriorette with a very strong handle on holy magic and hand-to-hand combat - but, if you're not into that, you can look forward to feeding your lust for loot and leveling up with at least five other unique left-click heroes. Whether those other characters will be returning classes like the Vampiress and Gladiator or entirely new creations - say, a nubile young starlet with a nose job who constantly changes her hair color and kills enemies with off-key singing and references to her more famous sister - isn't yet clear.

One thing that is clear is that the game will have a moral compass. You'll be able to play most of the characters as either a light or dark personality, with this disposition affecting whether groups you encounter view you as a friend or an enemy. And (we're guessing) whether they try to kiss or kick your ass, accordingly.