Ryan Reynolds confirms Deadpool 3 – and teases a "completely different direction"

Deadpool 3

In a move that should surprise absolutely no one judging by the successes of the first two movies, Deadpool 3 has been confirmed by Wade Wilson actor, Ryan Reynolds, to be in pre-production. However, with the elephant in the room that is the Disney/Fox merger looming large, his comments on a “different direction” for the third Merc with a Mouth movie might just send pulses racing.

Speaking at the Chinese launch of Deadpool 2 - with his character, hilariously, known in the Far East re-release as Little Bitchy Bitch - Reynolds spoke about what comes next (H/T Variety).

“[We’re] looking to go in a completely different direction [with Deadpool 3],” Reynolds hinted during the press event, before curiously adding: “Often, they reboot or change a character like four movies late.”

How very Deadpool it would be to have a complete reboot in just the third movie to poke fun at the likes of, for example, three Spider-Man 2 movies coming out in the span of 15 years. Still, a “completely different direction” is an interesting turn-of-phrase for a franchise that has sold tickets on the premise of knowing exactly what you’re getting: Deadpool being rude, crude, and shooting anyone with an attitude.

Is this the Marvel effect suddenly biting hard? Deadpool will, as of 2019, technically be under the full control of Marvel via Marvel Studios. With the PG rated Once Upon a Deadpool already testing the waters with a lighter Deadpool tone, could we be seeing something completely different if and when Wade Wilson heads to the MCU?

Knowing Ryan Reynolds, he could be just messing. Hell, there may not even be a Deadpool 3. But, for now, we’re left with a few breadcrumbs about a potential new Deadpool movie that will cool our chimichangas until the Disney/Fox merger begins to take shape.

Unless it's all one big troll, that's another big entry to add to all of the upcoming movies coming in 2019 and beyond.

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