Rustler looks like Medieval GTA in new trailer

Medieval GTA probably isn't coming from Rockstar any time soon, but Rustler should fill that Grand Theft Horse-shaped hole in your life now that it's been confirmed for consoles.

The game of feudal mayhem is currently available on Steam Early Access, and publisher Modus Games today confirmed that it will also bring Rustler to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and Nintendo Switch this year (including a physical release). The new trailer shows off some of the escapades you'll be able to get up to, including throwing rocks at villagers for no good reason, evading ye olde police whose steeds somehow come equipped with red and blue flashers, and of course stealing plenty of horses. You are a Rustler after all.

"Medieval GTA" isn't just a glib comparison - the game's top-down perspective harkens back to the olden days of the original GTA and GTA 2, and its tongue-in-cheek anachronisms make it feel like anything but a stuffy period piece. Rustler's world is built to be a ridiculous blend of medieval storytelling archetypes, modern culture, and the ageless ambition to better your station through whatever means necessary. 

Rustler has been on Steam Early Access since February, and since then it's racked up a "Mostly Positive" user rating on Steam (apparently the horse riding is surprisingly good). We'll have to wait and see how Rustler has shaped up by the time it's ready for its console release.

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Connor Sheridan

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