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Russell Brand as Arthur?

Fresh from resigning from his BBC radio show, Russell Brand is throwing himself into film work – which includes developing a remake of Dudley Moore’s Oscar-nominated 1981 comedy Arthur.

Arthur seems like a solid fit for Brand (even if the film itself really doesn’t need to be remade) – a boozy, rascally playboy who is set to inherit millions by marrying an heiress but instead falls in love with a regular woman.

The film scooped John Gielgud a gong as his trusted butler, who helps Arthur out when his family forces him to choose between romance and riches.

Scouting scripts

Brand’s production company is meeting with writers who can work on the film, which Warner Bros is backing.

It just makes us realise that the man’s life has essentially been one long method acting exercise to prepare for this role.

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter ]

Question: If Russell Brand is the new Dudley Moore, who is the new Peter Cook?