Rupert Grint feels "empty and lost" now Potter's over

Rupert Grint is having a difficult time letting go of the Harry Potter films, saying that he feels “empty and lost”.

Many people are feeling a bit glum in the wake of the franchise's final release, but none more so than Grint as he told the press:

“I loved every minute of it, and I’m really going to miss it. I felt empty and a bit lost, and it’s taken me a while to accept it’s over.”

Grint went to say how the films started to take precedent over his earlier, slightly less glamorous, career ambition:

“When Harry Potter started, I wanted to be an ice-cream man, but the films showed me that I wanted to be an actor, although for the first three I didn’t take it very seriously.

He added, “I just stood where I was told and read my lines. Then with the fourth film I started caring about my performance.”

Looks like Ron Weasely is all grown up. Brings a tear to the eye, don’t you think?