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  • PC | Submitted by jb

    How To Use Better Weapons

    Level 1 in attack:Bronze, Iron
    Level 5 in attack:Steel
    Leval 10 in attack:Black
    Leval 20 in attack:Mithril
    Leval 30 in attack:Adamant
    Leval 40 in attack:Rune

  • PC | Submitted by runeguy95

    Colored Text

    To make your message stand out in RS use color writing. Use anyone of these phrases and then press(:)

  • PC | Submitted by peter stromberg

    How To Do the Ghost Quest

    Alright here's how to do it. Go to Lumbridge castle, there will be a church right next to the castle, go inside the church and talk to the priest that's there, he will tell you that there is a ghost haunting the cemetery, he will ask you to get help from the priest living in a house behind the castle, to get there go into the woods behind the main shop, walk along the fence until you get to the spot where it ends, next walk south of here, when you get to the edge of the map go east, you will come upon a little shack with a man walking around outside, talk to him, he will talk for a few seconds, when your done he will give you a necklace that allows you to talk to ghosts, go back to the church and go through the little path to the cemetery and talk to the ghost, he will say that he doesn't have a skull on his bones inside the coffin, hell ask you to get him his skull back from the warlock that took it, go to the wizards tower, when in the tower go to the basement, you'll see a skull, pick it up, but i warn you you'll have to fight a skeleton, kill him, now go back to the cemetery in Lumbridge and place the skull into the coffin, the ghost will disappear. Now you know how to beat the ghost quest.

  • PC | Submitted by tie die

    Good Fishing Spot

    Well a good place to fish is Catherby, because theres lots of good places along the beach to fish and there is a bank really near.

  • PC | Submitted by CH34TM45T3R

    Getting Started

    First of all, go to
    Click on the "Create new account" Button in the middle of the website and indicate your age.
    Choose a username. Then choose a password.
    Click on High or Low detail and choose a world. Its useful to let the auto-decide button do it for you, so you get the best world (for you).
    Now, you will see a loading bar.
    When its loaded, fill in your username and password, then click "Login"
    In this screen you can make your own account. Change his clothes, hair, skin colour, feets and all the things till you like what you got.
    Then click accept.
    Now you start the training.
    Talk to the RuneScape Guide by clicking on him with the left mouse button.
    On your minimap you'll see a yellow arrow. This indicates the next place to go.
    For you, go past the door, by clicking on it. Then walk thrue. Just do this till you are at the end of tutorial island. (Magic trainer is the last)
    Note: Listen carefully to the instructors!
    On the mainland, follow this quests in order;
    1) cook's assistant
    2) sheep shearer
    3) (AFTER TRAIN) demon slayer
    4) choose urself the rest

  • PC | Submitted by hawkman2727

    Scroll Writing

    Put scroll: and then the words and press enter and the words will scroll across the screen

  • PC | Submitted by Dark Spyro60

    Double your Money

    Al kharid and Varock

    Buy slik from silk trader in al kharid for 3gp, and simply sell it in Varock clothes shop for 16gp.

  • PC | Submitted by Justin


    If you are trying to get alot of money just kill cows and get their cow hides and sell them for 3k.

  • PC | Submitted by Eo1spy


    Prayer is I think is better than magic in some ways because of 100% protection from magic, missiles(arrows,bolts)and melee(swords and stuff).

    Now for the people who have a prayer lvl of 1-35(non-members)i suggest training on small things like chickens* and goblins*(for the lvl 3-20 players).For the lvl 27-35 players fighting skeletons* in the Varrok sewers and fighting NORMAL giants** in the Edgeville dungeon(to get through the shortcut to the giants you need a brass key, if you haven't got one go to Edgeville-north of Barbarian village-then into a bit where there are coffins and go down the ladder and carry on walking there are some quite strong things in there so you might want to peg it. When you can see giants on your left theirs a arena shaped thing, go in and get the brass key then run out and go up the ladder, you should be in a hut use the key with the door and you'll be west of varrok).

    When you have a prayer lvl of 31 you will be able to go upstairs of the monastry-west of Barbarian-there will be monk clothes and Brother Jerrod or something and he will bless any unholy symbols, there is also an altar which when prayed at will restore all you prayer points AND increase the points by 2(this doesn't change what prayers you can do).

    That's it really, just keep killing giants until lvl 70 then fight moss giants** and eventually you should have 43 prayer(i hope you will like this hint).

    Regular bones* 2xp
    Big bones** 15xp

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar


    If you want money there are 3 ways that you can get a lot.

    1: Fight enemies such as Giants who drop big bones and money and weapons such as helmets and Steel axes. If you are a beginner you start off with chickens, then goblins, then giant spiders, men,unicorn,bear,scorpian,giant,white night,Black night, lesser demon and greater demon you fight higher monsters depending on your level. Greater demons drop items such as RUNE MEDIUM HELMET RUNES LONG and up to 3k

    2: Another way to get money is to first get a pickaxe then go mining at places.At first you will only be able to mine TIN and COPPER. When your mining level reaches 15 you will be able to mine IRON ore when it gets to 20 you will be able to mine SILVER. You can use TIN ore and COPPER ore in a furnace to create Bronze bars. If you use iron ore in the furnace you will make iron bars but sometimes the ore will be impure and will fail to make into a bar. You can smelt Silver ore to make silver bars and then craft that into jewelry. If you are level 30 mining you can smith COAL and trade them in at DRAYNOR MANOR market for COAL CERTIFICATES. You can sell these CERTIFICATEs for 1k each.

    3: The third way is risky and you could get ur dude killed. Go to the wilderness or an area where people fight. Watch people fight and if your lucky they will die dropping everything but the three most valuable things in there inventory. You could pick up almost any item and a lot of money!!

  • PC | Submitted by C.H's friend

    Ice Caves

    Ive been on runescape many times before and ive been asked the same question over & over again. WERE IS THE ICE CAVES? Ill tell you that go to the dock that takes you to kajamara. DO NOT GET ON THE BOAT! go north & and you will come to a hill with a ladder at the top. ( it is by the water on a little peninsula.) Go down the ladder and you are in a cave. First you will encounter lvl 10 muggers, then level 26 pirates, then level 32 hobgoblins, ( NEXT YOU MIGHT WANT TO BE SMART AND NOT GO INTO THE ICE CAVES BECAUSE THERE ARE LEVEL 67 ICE WARRIORS!!!) There you will be able to mine the thing that ive been asked so many times before....... BLUERITE!

  • PC | Submitted by Tom Cat

    The Champ Guild

    This is a small guild located southwest of Varrock. You must have 33 quest points to enter. This is the starting point for the Dragon Slayer quest. Also there's chickens and a range downstairs. Upstairs You can find 2 people, a man who sells Rune chain mail, mace, long sword, sword, legs, skirt, and green dragon vambraces, and legs( after the dragon slayer quest you can also buy green dragon body), and a women who sells black full helms, adamant plate bodies, and blue capes.--a guild not many stay at.

  • PC | Submitted by Runescape Xr

    Get Through Wilderness

    To get through the wilderness go to the edge and walk forward but then you have to walk west to a giant guarding a passage through one of two ways to get ahead. Other passage will take you to a graveyard with level 13 zombies within. Return to that area to collect planks for the ''Lumbridge Lady'' which will take you to ''Crandor Isle'' to fight the dragon in the final free quest.

  • PC | Submitted by imcal


    1) First of all don't go telling everyone your password.

    2) Any "cheat" that does a trade that doesn't trade items at the same time is a bogus cheat.

    3) Don't be anxious when you trade. If the deal is too good to be true it is probably not true. So double check the final part of the trade.

  • PC | Submitted by y77

    Tobias or the Sailor

    Tobias or The Sailor. Take the boat to the island Costs 30gp.

    HINT 1.- Getting Rum from Isle
    When You Get To The Island Go To The First Shop On The Left, Buy A Karamja Rum Costs 30gp.
    Go To The First Shop On The Right Now go talk to Luthas the Banana farmer. Ask him for a job and then go pick bananas for him. When you have 10-12 bananas go to the crate outside Luthas' house. Use the bottle of rum on the crate and this will hide the rum in the crate. Then Use the bananas on the crate till the crate is full. Now talk to Luthas again to get your 30gp payment and ask him where the bananas are going.
    Talk with Customer officer and and let her search you, as you don't have rum she will let you to board a ship back To Port Sarim,
    ~~If you try to take the rum on the boat back to Port Sarim. The customs officials will confiscate the rum and you will have to buy a new one.

    Hint 2.- Recovering Rum Bottle
    ~~ need a WHITE apron for next part you can find it in cloth shop in Varrock market square)
    Then go to the Food store. Put on your apron and try to open the back door Wyndin will tell you that you cant go back there but just ask him for a job. Now you can go to the back of the store. Search the crate and you will find your bottle of rum.

    Hint 3 - Chest Location
    Take the rum back to Redbeard Frank in Port Sarim Bar and he will tell you to get the treasure from a chest at the Blue Moon Inn and give you a key to that chest.
    Go to the Blue Moon Inn (Varrock) on the 2nd floor there is a chest. Use the key on the chest to get a note. The note says to dig behind the south bench in the park. Meaning the Park in Falador.
    Hint 5. - Treasure digging
    ~~ For the last part a Spade is necessary. You can either buy one or get it for free at Draynor Manor by the exit.
    Go to the park in Falador and Use your spade on the flowers behind the bench. Watch out Wyson The Gardener does not like you digging up his flowers and will attack you. Once combat is over, if he attacks, Use your spade on the flowers again and you will get the treasure!

  • PC | Submitted by zack

    Demon Slayer

    In the demon slayer quest you have to get three keys first one is easy go 2 floors up and talk to sir.rovin then get 25 bones and go to wizard tower second floor and talk to one of the wizards and he well give you the key then go to the drain right out of the kitchen and use a bucket of water with the drain then go north-west in the sewer and get the key then go to sir. prysin then hell give you the silver light then go to the dark wizard circle just south of varrock then when you weaken him you'll have to choose some magic words choose the last one then you'll complete the quest.

  • PC | Submitted by siege

    Colored Writing (new version)

    For the new version of rs u need to do this to make colored, wavey, scrolly, glowy, flashy words.


    after The : sign just put your sentence.

  • PC | Submitted by Emo116

    Quick Fishing

    If u want to get up fast go to lumbridge river there is a fishing spot u need to be level 25 get a fly fishing rod and feathers to lure the fish with, right now catch loads of fish when u r full then cut a tree and burn it and cook the fish so you get your cooking up fast I got to level 42 I one day with the help of this tip u will be a master fisher

  • PC | Submitted by Tom Cat

    The Crafting Guild

    The crafting guild is open to everyone. The requirements are that you are Level 40 crafting, and you are wearing a brown apron (can be bought in varrock for low price). Mainly you can mine gold to make rings, necklaces, and ammys (all 3 of these moulds can be found laying around the guild). If you prefer you can mine silver here to make holy or unholy symbols (unholy being members only). The holy mould can be found in the guild too but the unholy mould can only be gotten after the observatory quest from the Scorpio ghost. Another thing to do is mine clay to make pots, bowls, and pie dishes. You must use water on the clay to get soft clay to use on the pottery wheels to make these though. After which you must fire the pots, bowls, or pie dishes in the pottery furnace which is conveniently located in the guild. Other things in the guild include a tanner, spinning wheel (use wool on this to make strings for ammys or members can also use flax on it to make bow string) a sink, and much more.----This has got to be one of the most useful places in the world of runescape.

  • PC | Submitted by runefanatic

    Cook's Quest

    If you go to lumbridge castle and talk to the cook he will say something. In the corner click the option whets the matter. HE will say another thing about the dukes cake and how he forgot a few ingredients. then he will ask you if you could get them for him. in the corner click he id be happy to thing and he will say he needs three things: milk, eggs, and flour. First get the pot on the table .then go get a bucket. there is normally always a bucket for sale at the general store for 1 or 2 coins. Then after you have a pot, jug and bucket go to where the cows always are. to obtain milk use the bucket with the cow and then your bucket should look like it has milk in it. To get the egg go to chicken house and there is usually an egg lying around somewhere on the ground. Then last but not least, to get the flour go get some grain. You can find a field of it right next to the windmill. after you get one go into the windmill and go to the top floor. Then click on grain and then click on chopper. it should say you put grain in chopper. then left click on the chopper and choose use chopper. Then go down to the bottom floor and use pot with flour. when all this has been finished go to the cook and talk to him. He will take the stuff and say thank you. Hen you will advance 4 cooking levels.

  • PC | Submitted by Jacob Russell

    Unlimited bronze arrows

    To get unlimited Bronze Arrows First you have to be on Tutorial Island. When you get up to the combat insructer after you kill a rat with your sword you get some bronze arrowes and a short Bow when you get thease items go to a secluded area and drop the arrowes then you talk to the instuter an he will give you 50 arrowes then you repeat this until your comfotible whith the amount of arrowes you have do not kill a rat whith the short bow other wise this awsome cheat won't work.

  • PC | Submitted by joelu

    Mining and wood cutting


    Clay Level 1
    Tin Level 1
    Copper Level 1
    Iron Level 15
    Silver Level 20
    Coal Level 30
    Gold Level 40
    Mithril Level 55
    Adamantite Level 70
    Runite Level 85


    Ordinary tree level 1
    Oak tree level 15
    Willow tree level 30
    Maple tree level 45
    Yew tree level 60
    Magic tree level 75

  • PC | Submitted by Dragons Lake

    Quicker Mining

    To mine ore quicker with any pick, click on the rock you want to mine then keep clicking on the rock for a little while (otherwise someone-else who is mining the same rock as u may take the ore) then let go and roughly 1-2 seconds later you will hav mined the ore. I tried this cheat on coal with a bronze pick while someone was mining the same rock with an adamant/rune pick.

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Colored Writing

    @ran@ flashy Writing
    @ora@ bronze Writing
    @gre@ green Writing
    @blu@ blue Writing
    @cya@ lite blue Writing
    @bla@ black Writing
    @whi@ white Writing
    @red@ red Writing
    @mag@ purple Writing
    @dre@ dark red
    glow 1-3 different glows
    flash 1-3 different flashes

Runescape Easter Eggs

  • PC | Submitted by SeanyBhoy12

    Easter Egg

    This only works on Easter day!

    All you do is go to Port Sarim and look for a white apron. Then you make sure you have an attack of 40 or over. Go into the place where you can get a job and go through the door and search the banana crate. After about 10-30 times you will come across an egg - talk 2 it and it will give u 10-30k... depends on how many times you searched.

Runescape Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Pure Rr2

    Free Leather Boots

    Travel to Al Kharim and enter a rectangular building with red curtains hung up at the entrance. There will be a few pots and a table with 2 chairs inside the structure. There should be a pair of leather boots, pick them up and another pair will eventually appear continueously!

  • PC | Submitted by hawkman2727

    Rip Off Other Players

    Go up to someone who has good armour and ask them if they want there armor trimmed

    Note: This cheat is provided to help Runescape players protect against scams.

    Ask someone with nice armor if they want their armor trimmed. If they say "No, you're a scammer" say "No, I'm not I'm trying to get my lvl up thats y ill do it for free." Then once they give you the armor just keep it then you can sell it or wear it.