Rumoured Wu-Tang RPG sounds like hip-hop Diablo

Project Shaolin
(Image credit: Wu-Tang Clan)

An action RPG inspired by the lore and music of the Wu-Tang Clan music group is reportedly in development for Xbox.

That information comes from the Xbox Two podcast, having been verified on the GamesBeat podcast by reporter Jeff Grubb. On Xbox Two, host Jez Corden told viewers that "it does seem that there is a Wu-Tang Clan game in development that uses Wu-Tang Clan lore."

While Wu-Tang was originally a martial arts discipline, it does seem that the famous hip-hop group is involved in the game's development, as Corden states that the game's soundtrack will be made by the band.

The game is said to be a "third-person fantasy action RPG revolving around melee combat." Supporting up to four player co-op, its campaign is said to last for "a couple of dozen hours," but with plenty of end-game and seasonal content, as well as various modifiers. It's thought that Brass Lion, a recently-established studio of former Mass Effect and Skyrim alumni which is working on an "unannounced action RPG," is developing the game.

It's a potentially peculiar project, but if the Wu-Tang Clan was going to attach itself to any video game, one focusing on melee combat would make sense. While it's always worth waiting for official confirmation from the publisher, developer, or (in this case) 90's hip hop collective behind the project, it's worth noting that the apparent codename for the title, Project Shaolin, turned up in the recent Nvidia leak which also revealed the existence of God of War PC port well before last week's announcement.

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