Rumour: Justice League villain revealed?

The Justice League movie is rumoured to have chosen Darkseid as its villain, according to Latino Review .

The report has suggested that the malevolent, practically immortal ruler of the planet Apokolips will unfurl his campaign of death, destruction and misspelling in the DC Comics ensemble romp that's due to arrive in 2015.

This news should be taken with a rather sizeable pich of salt, as, in the absence of any set details about the project, the Justice League rumour mill has been working overtime of late.

Only last week, Joseph Gordon-Levitt denied claims that he was going to play JL stalwart Batman, while everyone from Ben Affleck to Christopher Nolan has been falsely reported as taking on directing duties since George Miller walked in 2008.

Nevertheless, Darkseid seems like a plausible choice: A nine-foot tall demigod with the ability to control minds and shoot deathly beams from his eyes, he would pose a threat big enough to necessitate the likes of Superman and Wonder Woman joining forces.

Now the question is who could play this towering villain? Could this be Stephen Merchant’s chance to bulk up and broaden his acting portfolio?

Justice League will be released in the UK in 2015.