Rumor: GameStop tweaks PSP2 price to $299.99

An internal GameStop database screenshot shows a listing for "Sony PSP NGP," with a release date of 01/01/12 and a price of $299.99. If the leak is to be believed, Sony's next-gen portable could sport the highest launch price ever for a major handheld game system.

The games retailer initially listed the device at a ridiculous $999.99, but that, of course, was just a placeholder. Of course, GameStop has no problems listing prices for products it hasn't received official prices for, so everything should be taken with a grain of salt.

But by listing the PSP2 at $300, it must have some confidence it won't be any more expensive than that. Given that the 3DS will cost $250 and Sony's previous system, the PSPgo, was also $250, a $300 price point sounds pretty plausible. Nevertheless, a price that high could be a barrier-to-entry to even loyal PlayStation fans, though it's at least easier to digest than the $600 PS3 launch price.

The other issue still unanswered is when the PSP2 will be released. Sony has said it plans to launch it sometime later this year. GameStop's listing of January 1, 2012 sounds like the very definition of a placeholder, meaning that, like the rest of us, it probably has no idea.

It probably has no idea about the price either, but it does seem reasonable to set it at $300 or under.


Feb 9, 2011