Rumble Roses XX

Here's everything you need to know about Rumble Roses XX, in rough order of importance: tits, ass, the ability to customize both, and tag-team wrestling action by the makers of the WWE Smackdown games. It's a short list, sure, but as the screens demonstrate, itdelivers theseassets in volume.

XX (like the original Rumble Roses) is an all-girl pro-wrestling game that pushes the boundaries of wrestlesploitation so far that it makes Dead or Alive look like a church bake sale. It's notlimited tothebouncy T&A you 'd expect whenchicks in hotpants and S&M gear grapple in the ring, either. There are extended, writhing entrance scenes, decidedly pervy move sets (including sweaty, panty-revealing"humiliation" moves) and girls clad only in insubstantial wisps of fabric that suggest bikini tops and thongs. There's also a new create-a-wrestler mode, which gives you free rein to customize your wrestler's measurements or deck her out in fetishy outfits.

It's over-the-top as all hell and suggestive to a point just shy of softcore porn, but it's all in fun, says producer Akari Uchida. "We're basically making fun of Dead or Alive," he said at Konami's Gamer's Day event, where we got to spend some hands-on time (yeah, yeah, go ahead and giggle) with the game. We can say with authority that the whole thing is even more absurdly exploitive than it looks, but sexy gimmicks aside, there seems to be a remarkably well-developed wrestling game under it all.

Mikel Reparaz
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