Rocksteady thinks it can do better than Arkham Asylum

With the best Batman game ever firmly under its utility belt, Rocksteady assures us there's more to come with Batman: Arkham City and that the studio hasn't peaked yet.

Talking to Develop, Rocksteady co-founder Sefton Hill talked about the studio's growth and how it's ready to take more risks:

"As we were designing Arkham, our confidence as a studio had begun to grow," he said.

"After the release it grew even further. Now I'm really excited, because, as a developer, I look at our team and I don't think the studio has hit its peak. I still think we have places to go."

Hill said Rocksteady is also growing in terms of ability and is excited about its future output as a result:

"I don't think Arkham Asylum is going to be the best game we make. We're growing and developing as a company all the time."

"A confident developer takes more risks and that ultimately leads to more innovative experiences," he said.

"A good review score will make you think, 'you know what, let's have faith in what we're doing because we believe we can make something special.'"

Hill cites Arkham Asylum as an example where it was the risks that were received well by reviewers and audiences alike, encouraging Rocksteady to be even bolder in future... Not too bold mind.

"If there's too much arrogance you can push through bad ideas. You need to try something different, of course, but if you realize it's not working you need the humility to go back to the drawing board," he said.

"So you need to be arrogant and humble as a studio... obviously, you can't expect both those qualities in one person [laughs], but that should be the make-up of the studio - daring creatives that have great, innovative ideas, as well as those who can spot mistakes and aren't afraid to cite them."

"That's what I'm delighted with regarding our studio; we have that right mix."

Rocksteady now has the difficult task of making a worthy follow up to Arkham Asylum and the journey has already begun with Batman: Arkham City.

Aug 11, 2010


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