Rockstar insists its plans to implement homeworking won't affect its games or support

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

Rockstar has confirmed that whilst it's requesting that all its staff work from home amidst growing concerns around the spread of the COVID-19 virus, this decision will not impact the performance of its game, nor affect the company's ability to respond to support queries. 

"In the interest of reducing the possible impact of COVID-19, Rockstar Games has implemented work from home policies across our international offices and studios," the company tweeted earlier today.

"After significant research and consultation with our teams around the world, we began rolling out remote work solutions worldwide across the past week, and we are confident we have a robust system in place for our teams to continue their work with a minimum of disruption."

"Our online games will continue to operate as usual, and all support teams will remain available for our players," the statement continued. "The health and safety of our employees and their families remains our top priority, and we will continue to adapt our practices to the situation as it evolves. We appreciate your patience and understanding, and wish you and your families the best of health during this unusual time."

As Jordan reported earlier this week, the news comes amidst a string of high-profile cancellations, postponements, and changes related to the alarming spread of the coronavirus. Notably, E3 2020 was cancelled Wednesday, Pokemon Go implemented changes to encourage social-distancing, and Disney postponed seven live-action productions. EA has confirmed its halting all live esports events, too, and is also recommending its staff work from home.

On a more positive note, Nvidia is giving PC gamers a chance to make a real difference by using their hardware's power to access the Folding@home application, which lets you donate unused computing power to help with research into the coronavirus.

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