Rock on for Spy Hunter

His last appearance in a film based on a videogame may have flopped, but Doom star Dwayne Johnson hasn’t let that curtail his enthusiasm for his next big assignment. He’s currently ready to star in the long-awaited (and long in development) Spy Hunter adaptation.

The screenplay, re-written by Collateral’s Stuart Beattie, is now complete, and like any big studio with a big action project, Universal has selected a release schedule for July 2007 before a frame of the film has been shot. "Spy Hunter will have great action," Johnson told Yahoo Games . "Some of the set pieces that were written are absolutely mind-blowing. Stuart Beattie has done a fantastic job with the script. It’s a great, well-written story that's not overly complicated, and funny."

And The Rock has also been deeply involved with the creation of the new Spy Hunter game, which features his snarling physog and which will now be ultraviolent, thanks to his input. "I said everyone shoots guns in videogames, and that's fine, and they throw grenades and things like that, but I asked how much control I could have over the different ways that the character can kill people with his bare hands? And they were like, ‘you can have complete control’, so we came up with a bunch of really, really cool, inventive ways to do away with the opponents, so to speak.”

We’re sure parents will be lining up to thank him.

Source: ( Yahoo! Games )