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Rock Band 4 listed with October 6 release date, $250 band bundle

Start massaging those guitar-shredding fingers and drinking juice to soothe your vocal chords now, because it looks like the next Rock Band will be out by year's end. A Rock Band 4 (opens in new tab) bundle is now listed for Xbox One on Amazon (opens in new tab), with two particular points of interest: an October 6, 2015 release date, and the game, guitar, microphone, and drum set all bundled together for $250.

That should be everything you need to start your own band, minus a bassist (and apologies, keyboarders - you're not invited back to the party this time). The familiar Fender Stratocaster guitar peripheral and the apparently unchanged drum kit are both wireless, but the microphone is still a USB, so watch those wires. While you wait to jam out in your living room with Harmonix's encore, check out more songs from the setlist (opens in new tab) and our hands-on Rock Band 4 preview (opens in new tab).

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