Robbers, Reynolds and Rats

David Ayer just can’t stay away from the sleazy LA streets, with its drug problem and its corrupt cops. But that’s what he seems to do best, so we’re happy to bring you the first trailer from his latest effort, Street Kings. Starring Keanu Reeves as a disgraced copper who finds corruption at the heart of the LAPD (gosh!) and strikes out on a mission to stop it before it consumes him, Kings also stars Forrest Whitaker, Chris Evans and our own Hugh Laurie.

Yahoo Movies has the footage.

Secondly, we have little to say about this amusing trailer for the new Ryan Reynolds comedy Chaos Theory, other than we wish to worship Scrubs’ Sarah Chalke. Oh, and it’s the tale of a man (Reynolds who lives his life according to lists but decides to break out of his routine… with hilarious consequences. Trailer’s here at the official site .

Finally, the Tubes of You ( via JoBlo ) are offering up something unusual. Well, more unusual than you get on YouTube normally, anyway: the possibility of a good Uwe Boll film. Yes, sit down before you fall down. It’s impossible to judge from a trailer, of course, but when you compare this to the trailer for… well… anything else he’s ever made, it’s a marked improvement. Whether we’ll actually ever get to see it in Blighty is another matter.

Go see for yourself. And get discussing it on the forums!

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