Riot releases Surprise Party Fiddlesticks for League of Legends's second birthday

Today, Riot's free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena, League of Legends, turns two-years old! To celebrate the game's second birthday, Riot has released the highly-anticipated Surprise Party Fiddlesticks Epic skin, which replaces the champion's typically creepy attacks and special abilities with silly party-themed stuff.

To be more specific, the Epic skin adds: new and sinister sound effects on all of Fiddlesticks’ abilities, a shocking new model featuring party hats and balloons, and frighteningly festive spell effects. It takes everything scary about the frightening scarecrow monster and replaces them with fun.

You can check out some images of the character below, though odds are if you play the game you'll be seeing him in the very near future. Well, sort of - you'll be hearing some sort of happy scream, and then he'll jump out of the bushes and ace your party because the dumb noob in middle didn't call missing.

Surprise Party Fiddlesticks is available now for 975RP, which is about $8 in real money. If that sounds like much more money than you'd ever, ever, ever spend on a skin for a free-to-play game... well... odds are you haven't played much League of Legends.

Above: Fiddle's ult has been changed from "a bunch of crows killing people" to "yay party!"

Above: Yes. He throws balloon animals.

Above: Fiddle steals life with fun.

Hollander Cooper

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