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Riiiidge Racer goes mobile

Those who don't own iPhones or Android devices usually get left out of the discussion when it comes to mobile games, but publisher Namco is bringing one of its classics, Ridge Racer, to the much wider audience of cell phone gamers in general.

Ridge Racer Drift is being rolled out to all of the major non-Android, non-iPhone mobile platforms later this year in an effort to expand the presence of the new generation of mobile gaming.

"With the popular series being Namco’s flagship in the racing genre, we wanted to make sure the mobile game appealed to both the hardcore and casual gamer, which we accomplished by creating two different game modes," wrote Namco marketing VP Carlson Choi in a statement.

However, we think Sony exec Kaz Hirai does and always will do a better way of expressing the true spirit of Ridge Racer:

The mobile Ridge Racer isa pretty basic single-player racing game, with Grand Prix and free race modes. It also features Facebook integration so players can upload their high scores directly to their wall.

The game is being made available for Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7, and even those cheap cell phones that don't have an advanced operating system but can run Brew or Java-based games.

Oct 22, 2010

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