Ridge Racer 7 review

Don't overlook this amazing arcade racer

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  • +

    Lots of cars and tracks

  • +

    Addictive online racing

  • +

    Sizzling speed and HDTV


  • -

    Not evolved much from previous versions

  • -

    Recycled content from 360 version

  • -

    Formula needs some shaking up

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Ridge Racer 7 doesn't usher in a bold new era for next-generation racing, it won't justify the sky-high cost of the PS3 and - true to its lineage - it's as unrealistic as a racing game gets. Now that we've established what the game isn't, let's talk about what it is: fun.

When the 360 launched, hardcore gamers quickly shelved let-downs like Perfect Dark Zero in favor of Ridge Racer 6, which - despite its so-so graphics and lack of any real innovation - provided one of the system's most solid, lengthy game experiences. It's the same case with RR7. It's not the kind of fresh, next-generation experience you'd buy a PS3 for, but it's the game that racing fans will easily lose themselves in.

If you haven't played a Ridge Racer title before, all you need to know is that it's an arcade-style racer that focuses almost entirely on insane, over-the-top drifting through turns - if you're playing the game right, you'll never even use the brake button. While Gran Turismo-loving gearheads might scoff at Ridge Racer's complete lack of realism, the series' unapologetically arcade style is a godsend for fans of games like Burnout, OutRun and arcade classic Daytona USA.

If this type of racing suits you, then there's a lot to love about RR7. It's by far the deepest, most feature-packed title in the series, with a long list of amazing courses. The only downside is that about 80-90% of the game's content (especially the tracks) is taken from 360's Ridge Racer 6, so if you've played a lot of that game, you'll get a feeling of "been there, done that" right from the start.

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DescriptionFourteen players and some gorgeous car models - is it enough to make everyone forget RR6?
US censor rating"Everyone"
UK censor rating""
Alternative names"Ridge Racer VII"